What Is the Believe In Ohio Program?

Believe in Ohio is a free, comprehensive, curriculum-based, STEM and entrepreneurship program for Ohio high school students. The program is designed to create a “Culture of Innovation” and to prepare students to meet the demands of a rapidly changing labor market by creating their own opportunities. Believe in Ohio was collaboratively developed by The Ohio Academy of Science and Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio.

If the purpose of education is to prepare students for life, Believe in Ohio’s mission is to increase their engagement in the learning process through STEM and entrepreneurship. Students gain valuable insights into real life applications of the skills they’re being taught.

Believe in Ohio provides an online curriculum that allows students to explore their own areas of interest by learning how to commercialize solutions to problems or develop products through a STEM Commercialization Plan or STEM Business Plan. This personalized experience allows students to teach themselves by understanding and valuing the necessary resources needed to complete a project, including the proper background and training in the sciences and mathematics. While the Believe in Ohio program emphasizes the importance of STEM, it also encourages students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to compete in today’s Innovation Economy.

Why Students Should Participate

  • Provides them with a vision of what’s possible 
  • Empowers self-initiated learning 
  • Broadens and builds critical skills needed to compete in today’s economy
  • Provides them with an opportunity to compete for Ohio college scholarships

Why Should Teachers Implement the Program?

  • Ability to connect classrooms to the real world
  • Opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of STEM and entrepreneurship subjects
  • Achievement in developing a group of active, intrinsic learners
  • Believe in Ohio includes turn-key curriculum and program resources