Milepost 3

What STEM Concepts and Principles Underlie Your Proposed Solution?


The accelerating pace of technological change is the catalyst behind most of the innovation that will cause virtually every product, service, and aspect of life to be continuously transformed and reinvented during your lifetime. In that context, use your Post-it® notes at Milepost 3 to indicate the key science and technology concept(s) and advances that you plan to apply to address the problems and solutions you previously identified at Mileposts 1 and 2.

It is time to put together the first three Mileposts.

Using the form below, review your work so far. Are you still convinced that you have identified a pain-point and solved it with a new idea, product, or service? Were you able to identify the STEM principles you were using to solve this problem?

Check-in 1 (Mileposts 1-3)

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