In today’s uncertain times, teachers are being challenged as never before to engage and inspire their students to learn, especially when they may not know from day-to-day if they will be teaching their students in-class, online, or on some blended basis.  They are also challenged to find curriculum that will both work in this uncertain environment, and, meaningfully help prepare students for the future.  For high school STEM and business/economic teachers, consider the Believe in Ohio program!

Why Teachers Should Consider Believe in Ohio

Click above to listen to Superintendent of Public Instruction, Paolo DeMaria asks teachers to consider Believe in Ohio  (2:47 video)

Overview of the Believe in Ohio Program

Click above to listen to an overview of the key parts of Believe in Ohio (3:16 min video)

Believe in Ohio Teachers Answer Questions about the Program

Creating and Assessing Ideas for the Believe in Ohio Program