Believe in Ohio provides the program curriculum in a Google Classroom for teachers. This workshop will familarize teachers with the concepts of entrepreneurship and design-thinking ideation by engaging teachers in the very resources that they can utilize with their students to develop a STEM business or commercialization plan. By this process of engagement, this workshop will provide instruction and activities to increase teachers’ conceptual knowledge of the entrepreuneurial mindset, design-thinking, and the relationship between STEM and innovation.

Listen to STEM Advocate, Laurie Godfrey explain Teacher PD


Teachers will: (using the Believe in Ohio Google Classroom)
a. build a conceptual base that uses a process that takes a personally-identified problem through to finding a solution and identifying the underlying STEM concepts in that solution;
b. be able to explain the design-thinking ideation process;
c. understand the implications and importance for entrepreunerial and STEM instruction in the context of today’s economy and students’ future prosperity;
d. identify Believe in Ohio resources that can be utilized for instruction.

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