Believe in Ohio’s curriculum is provided in a Google Classroom for teachers. This workshop will familiarize teachers with the concepts of entrepreneurship and design-thinking by engaging teachers in the very resources that they can utilize with their students to develop a STEM business or commercialization plan.
By this process of engagement, this workshop will provide instruction and activities to increase teachers’ conceptual knowledge of the entrepreneurial mindset, design-thinking, and the relationship between STEM and innovation. Teachers needing Gifted Professional development can take this course with the additional assignment = 15 hours to receive a certificate attesting to meeting the Gifted PD standards.

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1. Complete the Google Classroom assignments for 7 contact hours. A professional development certificate will be issued upon completion and review.

2. Complete the Google Classroom + the 2 additional assignments for 15 Gifted contact hours which addresses gifted competencies A, B, and C. A professional development certificate will be issued for 15 contact hours of Gifted Professional Development. (Please see the letter of endorsement for high quality gifted professional development to assist in approval by your LPDC)

3. Sign up for 1 hour of graduate credit with Ashland University. Complete the required assignments, see syllabus, and upon approval receive graduate credit. If gifted credit is desired graduate credit assignment #2 is required.

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Click here to review the syllabus

If you have questions concerning the College Credit, please contact Laurie Godfrey at lgodfrey@ohiosci.org or by phone at (216) 990-5921.

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