A STEM Commercialization Plan is a written document that describes how a new and/or an existing STEM concept, prototype, process, idea or technology (or a combination of multiple STEM concepts, processes, ideas or technologies) may be applied, or further developed to provide a solution to a marketplace or societal problem, need or opportunity. A STEM Commercialization Plan essentially provides a written “science & technology proof of concept” to support an innovative product or service concept or idea. A STEM Commercialization Plan includes both a persuasive science and technology assessment and plan and a discussion of the concept’s likely commercial feasibility and viability.

A STEM Business Plan is a written document that describes how to apply a new or existing technology to create a new product or service or enhance an existing product or service with new features or capabilities that can be successfully developed into a real-world business opportunity and “taken to market.” Thus, a STEM Business Plan provides a written “business & financial proof of concept” to support an innovative product or service that may be taken to market. A quality STEM Business Plan will not only include plans for taking a product to market, but should also include the student’s assessment of the viability of the science and technology supporting the product or service idea.

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