Student Survey

There are lists of statements on the following pages. Please mark your answer by how you feel about each statement.

As you read the sentence, you will know whether you agree or disagree. Fill in the circle that describes how much you agree or disagree.

Even though some statements are very similar, please answer each statement. This is not timed; work fast, but carefully.

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers! The only correct responses are those that are true for you.

Whenever possible, let the things that have happened to you help you make a choice.

Your name will only be used to ensure consent and assent forms were submitted.

If you have any questions, please email Stephen McConoughey at

Student Survey
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Math has been my worst subject
I would consider choosing a career that uses math.
Math is hard for me.
I am the type of student to do well in math.
I can handle most subjects well, but I cannot do a good job with math.
I am sure I could do advanced work in math.
I can get good grades in math.
I am good at math.


I am sure of myself when I do science.
I would consider a career in science.
I expect to use science when I get out of school.
Knowing science will help me earn a living.
I will need science for my future work.
I know I can do well in science.
Science will be important to me in my life’s work.
I can handle most subjects well, but I cannot do a good job with science.

Engineering and Technology

Please read this paragraph before you answer the questions.

Engineers use math, science, and creativity to research and solve problems that improve everyone’s life and to invent new products. There are many different types of engineering, such as chemical, electrical, computer, mechanical, civil, environmental, and biomedical. Engineers design and improve things like bridges, cars, fabrics, foods, and virtual reality amusement parks. Technologists implement the designs that engineers develop; they build, test, and maintain products and processes.

Engineering and Technology

I like to imagine creating new products.
If I learn engineering, then I can improve things that people use every day.
I am good at building and fixing things.
I am interested in what makes machines work.
Designing products or structures will be important for my future work.
I am curious about how electronics work.
I would like to use creativity and innovation in my future work.
Knowing how to use math and science together will allow me to invent useful things.
I believe I can be successful in a career in engineering.